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A Track Record of Success in Litigation

Practice Areas

Family Law

Our family lawyers realize that family law matters require sensitivity, and understanding.

Real Estate

Looking to buy your first home or a new office building we are here to help smooth the way.

General Counsel

Our team is here to serve all of your legal needs, be they business or personal matters.

Criminal Law

When you are facing criminal charges you need an experienced advocate on your side.


We have arbitrators on staff to help you get a fair resolution to help you avoid litigation.

Corporate Law

Business is complicated and you need an attorney on your side that understands the law.

About the Firm

We are dedicated to providing our community with quality legal services including the areas of personal injury, family law, criminal cases, immigration, wills and trusts and we also have a comprehensive team dedicated to helping businesses. The goal of Zicam Legal Services is to provide the most professional, efficient and affordable legal services to our community.  Mr Zicam has been a practicing attorney for more than 20 years and employs a team of more than a dozen attorneys and support stage to work on your case.

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Firm Partners

Andrew zicam

Andrew is our founder and senior partner her holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney degree and he also oversees the criminal division of Zicam Legal Services.  He got his start as a prosecutor and has worked on a number of high profile cases.  If you’re facing criminal changes then Andrew is the attorney you want in your corner, he will protect your rights and mount a zealous defense.





Jillian Scott

Jill has been practicing family law since 1998 and has been accredited by the American Bar Association.  Leading the family law division she is both compassionate and tireless when it comes to her clients.  She is also a certified Arbiter and works with her clients to help avoid the messiness that can come with divorce and family matters.





Robert Jeffries

Robert is here to take very good care of our business clients, he helps with matters ranging from starting an LLC to employment contracts to complicated mergers.  He is always there to help his clients and he can be an asset to any business helping them with wade through all aspects of transactional matters and complex corporate issues.





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